3 Simple Home DIY Ideas That Cost You From a Few Bucks to Nothing

DIY Home improvement does not have to be expensive and go out of your budget.

There are a myriad of ways and DIY ideas to get that new look without the need to shed some cash from your wallet, or even the coins from your piggy bank. There’s nothing more gratifying than living in a home that doesn’t require any repairs, where everything is better and works great while still sticking to your budget. Here are some simple DIY suggestions:

1. Quick Fix. Check everyday things you use at home that can sometimes be easily overlooked. These are most common and can be quickly fixed with the most common DIY, household items so there’s nothing to worry about your budget. One example would be a creaking door, just rub some petroleum jelly on the hinges, or lifting the hinge pins halfway up then applying some 3-in-1 oil. Remember to use rags to catch drips.

2. Brighten Up. For a brighter home, all you probably need to do is clean that dusty chandelier. The only thing you need to do here, which is a fairly easy DIY project, is to get a pair of white cotton gloves, one of which is dry and the other glove dampened with some glass cleaner. While the chandelier is cool, wear them then wipe each bulb and prism with the damp glove first followed by the dry glove. If you have a crystal fixture, use one part rubbing alcohol in three parts distilled water instead of the glass cleaner. For a clean and bright white bathtub, rub off the stains by using a small cloth dabbed in a DIY mixture of equal amounts of baking soda and cream of tartar, plus some lemon juice. Let it sit on your tub for 30 minutes then, rinse well.

3. Organize. Clear space by rearranging furniture or moving things to different rooms. Tidy up bookshelves, shoe racks, and cupboards. Mix and match curtains and your decorations. Get creative and be inspired! Organizing and rearranging stuff is a great DIY idea that lets you keep your budget since it costs nothing, yet brings you a fresher look and feel of your home.