When A Bobcat Tractor Is Necessary

Whether you have a large property, you are trying to maintain, a construction business, or anything in between, bobcat tractorbobcat tractors are essential equipment.

These handy little tractors can mean the difference between a job well done (and repeat customers) and a floundering business.  Of course, there are times when you simply need a bobcat tractor just to straighten up the back yard!

When a Dozer is just Too Much

Bulldozers have their place in construction and even home landscaping; however, there are times when this type of equipment is just too much. In most landscaping situations, preserving mature growth is preferable. Not only is it guaranteed to be healthy, it also saves money in replacement costs.

A small bobcat tractor equipped with a brush saw, rotary cutter or flail cutter is the perfect set of tools for most jobs. The flail and rotary cutter will allow you to cut through some of the thickest brush while the brush saw provides a tool that can cut through saplings up to 15 foot tall.

Mulching Option

Bobcat tractors are wood chewing machines with a handy forestry attachment. Whether you need to bring upper tree limbs down or get through some larger trees, you will have the tools to do so. In fact, the forestry cutter can actually till the mulched tree limbs directly into the soil if required. What a way to kill two birds with one piece of equipment!


So far, we have talked a lot about trees and landscaping, but that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the versatility of your average bobcat tractor. Here are a few other ways they can be quite handy:

  • Demolition- Small structures, old sheds and even remnant concrete are no match for the power of a bobcat tractor. Quickly and easily, remove all of the above and more. With the right attachment, you can complete concrete flatwork in no time at all. (breaking concrete slabs for removal)
  • Excavation- Do you need to dig a little deeper? Bobcat excavators are uniquely designed to work in tight places and give the operator a better field of view because the working arm is offset to the right.
  • Cutting Grade- Bobcats are equipped with electric over hydraulic controls giving you better precision and fingertip control. In addition, these machines have adjustable skid shoes so the equipment can easily be operated by novice or skilled workers.

bobcat tractorFinal Thoughts on Bobcat Tractors

Sometimes the only piece of equipment that makes sense is a bobcat tractor. You could rent or purchase a dozer, skid loader, backhoe and other various pieces of large machinery, but in many situations, a bobcat tractor and the right attachment will do the job just as well if not better