Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your Home


The gutter system is very important as in its absence, water starts running off your roof in curtains and gutters collect debris like twigs, dirt and leaves.

Water gets blocked if there is too much of accumulated debris in the gutter system and this water eventually moves into the cracks and crevices in your foundation to leak into the basement and create problems with mold, mildew and other bacteria. This is why gutter cleaning and maintenance is very important.

  • You need a sturdy ladder to reach the gutters. The best gutter cleaning tool is your hands, covered with gloves. As you can only pick up little debris with your hands, this is a slow option.
  •  An alternative you have is using a gutter scoop. However, do measure your gutter before buying a gutter scoop, as they come in various sizes. You can either throw all the accumulated debris on the ground to pick up later, or carry a garbage bag up the ladder to collect debris as you clean.
  • Under all the large debris, you find a slimy layer of mold coating your gutters. While it does not obstruct your water flow, it gives off an unpleasant odor. Use gutter cleaning brushes to clean this.
  • Instead of scooping and scrubbing debris, you can use a pressure washer for not too severe gutter clogs. Its high pressure washer loosens all the clogs and carries the debris over the gutter sides or to the downspouts. This however creates a big mess as the water stream sprays debris down the side of your home.
  • A gutter cleaning wand works like the pressure washing technique, but are specially meant for cleaning gutters. They have a long handle wherein you can stand on the ground and spray water in a controlled manner wherein there is not much of a spill over.
  • The gutter cleaning robot is a device designed to move along your gutter system while cleaning it. This is a good option for cleaning gutters with significant clogs.
  • If you do not have the time or patience to clean your gutters on your own, you can always hire professional cleaners to clean your gutters. They not only thoroughly clean your gutter system twice a year, but also make sure your gutters are firmly attached to your home without any separation. They will also replace any special hangers used for attaching the gutters to your home and level the gutter system so that they are at proper angles for maximum efficiency.