Planning Your Holiday Party Checklist

November has rolled around and the festive buzz of the holiday season is already in the air. This is the time to begin planning your festivities, from office holiday parties to family gatherings. Aide Party Rentals has everything you need to pull an event together and host a party to remember! Learn what you need to do with this party planning checklist

The festive season is a hectic time and if you tick things off your party planning checklist well in advance, you can reduce the stress that most people face when they plan and host a party. The holiday season is busy for others as well and you’ll want to make sure you send your invitations out to be received 3-5 weeks in advance. This is important as you want to make sure your intended guests have a clear calendar and make appropriate plans to attend. The farther in advance party invitations are sent, the better! As for the invitations, it is good etiquette to send personalized invitations that announce the date, time, theme and purpose. You can include information about dress code as well if necessary.

After you send out the party invitations, set the theme and budget accordingly, the fun part comes next.  When you host a party, you get to be creative and decide on the fun details- from the food and linens to the music! However, there are also many details that need to be taken care of and that you need to tick off your planning checklist to ensure that everything runs as desired.

The type of food you serve will set the stage for your holiday party. If you would like to host a party which is a  ‘cocktail attire’ worthy event or formal, consider hiring  wait staff to walk around and offer guests trays of hors d’oeurves or a catering service with a buffet style table. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s festive, complete with holiday favorites and treats that everyone looks forward to at this time of year! It’s also important to give yourself at least three weeks or more to call movers if you need big items such as furniture moved out of your venue, or repositioned to provide sufficient room for guests. Something to consider that your guest would be grateful for, is a valet parking service if you are hosting a large event.


Hopefully, the tips above have given you ideas about how to plan and host a party in the most efficient way possible. At Aide Party Rentals, we can help you coordinate needs for tables, chairs, linens, and other miscellaneous items that you need to tick off your planning checklist. We offer affordable rates on rental items. Call us today to discuss your upcoming party or event and let us help you be the host with the most.