How To Power Wash Your House

How to Power Wash Your Home

A house’s exterior on a regular basis becomes covered with dirt, pollen, mold, and even mildew. The best way to remove these elements is through use of a pressure washer. However, these elements are not the only reason one of these washers come in handy. It is always ideal to power wash your house’s exterior before you paint it in the event it does not have vinyl siding. This washer is powerful enough to remove a great percentage of peeling paint as well as any of the elements mentioned earlier. You may still have some prep work but the washer goes a long way to helping your get the exterior ready for painting.

What You Need to Know about Pressure Washers

You must learn a few things about pressure washers before you power wash your house with one. Electric washers are powerful enough for small houses, driveways, and decks ranging from 1200 to 1300 psi in pressure. However, for larger homes, you will need gas models that go up to around 4000 psi or higher on the more powerful models. Understand which size you will need before renting or buying one to use on your home.

The Right Way to Pressure Wash Your House

Fill the pressure washer with the right amount of cleaning solution according the instructions that come with it. Even when renting a machine, you can ask the rental store how to fill the unit correctly. Some solutions for these machines will contain bleach, while others will not. It depends on the area you are washing whether you need the ones that contain bleach. Only use the bleach solutions when you need to clean a large area that is covered with mold and mildew. Otherwise, you can pre-treat the smaller areas before spraying the house with detergent solution.

Cover your shrubs and plants next to the house before you start. Work on a section at a time and spray the detergent onto the house. Do this at low pressure to give the detergent time to work. Then you go back over the section with plain water to rinse it from top to bottom.

What to Expect

Do not expect the pressure washing to make the house look like new. There could still be some places that need a bit of hand scrubbing when you get through, but the pressure washer makes the job of cleaning your house’s exterior go more quickly than if you tried to do it all by hand. Check out what a power wash could do for your house today.