Prevent Pests This Fall

pestsPrevent Pests This Fall

Fall brings colorful leaves along with the chilly weather which ushers Chicago residents indoors. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature brings not only people, but pests, inside and out of the cold.

Pests such as rodents seek warm places where they can shelter themselves from the bitter cold Chicago winter and often it is our homes and attics that provide refuge to these critters, unbeknownst to us. However, there are important pest-proofing steps you can take this fall to prevent your home from becoming theirs as well.

Property owners need to be proactive and watchful in order to prevent the serious health risks and property damage accompanying these unwelcome houseguests. Rodents are vehicles for diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonella and even Rabies as is commonly carried by Raccoons. Their droppings can contaminate surfaces and food. Moreover, they can create fire hazards if they gnaw through electrical wiring in your home.

You should begin your pest prevention efforts by addressing home repairs, thereby helping to ensure that all potential entrance points are made inaccessible to these critters. It is important to repair damaged screens and install screens on vents, chimneys and other openings which cannot be completely sealed.

As well as scanning the perimeter of your home for potential access points, it is important to be aware of and maintain landscaping. You want to make your yard an unfriendly habitat for pests, not a sanctuary where they can easily find shelter. Landscape accordingly.  Trim tree branches that extend near your home, especially near the roof. These provide bridges for rodents to get into the roof and take up residence in your attic. Trim shrubs and plants away from the building’s exterior walls and remove any items stored against or directly adjacent to the building. Remember to store firewood more than 20 feet away from the building, as even this can create shelter for pests. It is also important to make sure that piles of foliage, grass clippings and other debris are regularly cleared away as diligent fall cleanup is a key part of pest control.

In addition to being vigilant about the building’s exterior, it is important to maintain the interior. Pests need food and water to survive and you can make your home less enticing by keeping surfaces clean and clear of food particles and grease. Always clear up food spills as soon as they happen. Make it a point to remove food waste every day and place the waste in sealed bags before discarding it in trash receptacles.

Pest prevention is an ongoing endeavor which calls for a multi-method approach. In addition to sealing access points, practicing preventative landscaping and maintaining home cleanliness and repair.

Using traps can help you detect and prevent a pest infestation. If you do suspect that you have a pest problem, Aide Rentals offers cost effective squirrel and raccoon traps as well as other clean-up equipment which can aid you in your quest to remain pest free throughout fall and to leave those pesky critters out in the cold, outside of your home, and where they can’t pose a threat to you and your family.