Rental Equipment for Quarterly Business Meetings

Rental Equipment to Make the Most of Your Business Meetings

With the month coming to an end we enter the end of the first quarter of 2014. What does that mean for you? It’s the perfect time to take a look at rental equipment for all those quarterly business meetings. Don’t you think it’s time to amaze and entice your audience with the latest technology at your next meeting or presentation? We, at Aide Rental, do. Not all venues are created equal and sometimes using supplemental rental equipment will give that quarterly meeting the boost that it needs to captivate your audience. The key to this equation is finding the perfect mix of rental equipment, staging, and all the small things that will take you from just old ordinary to extraordinary.

“Not your Dad’s Projector”

Company quarterly meetings aren’t always the most exciting of affairs, especially when you let the accountant get
rental equipmenton stage. However, some pieces of rental equipment can help capture the attention of even the most difficult of audiences. Remember how captivated you were in school when your teacher broke out that projector and dazzled you with interesting pictures and stories that were able to bring to life some of the dullest subjects. Well guess what? That magic still exists. If you think that you will keep your audience captive by just reading through your company’s P & L statement and some old jelly donuts. You thought wrong. Captivate them with our top of the line technology. From our high definition projectors to our to our table top PA systems that will ensure that every word gets heard among those large audiences. We have all the tools to optimize your presentation.

Rental Equipment to “Set the Stage”

Since not all venues are created equal, it’s very important that your audience has the ability to see you. If not, you run the risk of appearing as the ominous wizard from the Wizard of Oz. To be an effective presenter it is
rental equipmentimportant that you are not only heard but seen as well. Let us help you set the stage…literally. We offer 4ft by 4ft rental stages that make for a perfect piece of rental equipment when hosting that next company meeting. After all, as interesting as it would be how many companies offer personal stages? Our rental stages are extremely portable and provide just enough room for the most difficult of presenters and any additional equipment that’s needed at their side.

“It’s the small things that count”

The endless possibilities of rental equipment and that perfect presentation don’t begin and end there or even with your wife’s decadent chocolate brownie recipe at intermission. It’s about making your guests as comfortable as possible. Thanks to “Chiberia” and one of the coldest winters in Chicago to date your guests may be attending your next meeting in some of their heaviest of jackets. Fortunately, we offer a huge selection of folding coat racks that allow for a nice and convenient location for everyone to put their coats on and guarantee the ultimate in venue space optimization. We even include the hangers to ensure a hassle free event set up for you and your team.

“Cut it out”

 It’s not uncommon for an amazing new product or service or event location to be unveiled at the next big meeting. rental equipment
optimism regarding the new opportunities that lie ahead.  What can make all these significant changes more exciting for you company? How about a ribbon cutting ceremony?  Perhaps an oversized pair of scissors from Aide Rental are exactly what you need to get that message across. We only ask that you please do not run with them. It can even uplift the most somber of meetings with a fresh hope for the future and the shine a glimmer of

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by: Terry Trusgnich