What Rental Equipment do You Need for Spring?

What Rental Equipment do You Need for Spring?

Winter is coming! Wait, wrong quote. As winter begins to fade everyone is setting their eyes on spring. Warmer weather, later days and greener grass are just around the corner and that marks the perfect time to look at what rental equipment that can make your neighbors envious of your lawn and garden. Rental equipment can save money and space while simultaneously allowing you to use up to date equipment which can make landscaping significantly easier. Whether looking to spur growth, till your land, create boundaries or simply trim the over-growth there is a piece of rental equipment for you.


The Grass is Always Greener

While this is a wonderful sentiment often times a lawn or garden needs that extra push to reach its full potential, a tow-able spreader can be just that. Fertilizing and seeding can turn your winter worn lawn and garden from near death to the lush envy of the block. Want to do laps around your neighbor who is still using a push seeder? Our motorized walk-behind seeders max out at 3MPH allowing you to not only get the job done quicker but also enjoy the breeze in your hair while doing so.

Rental Equipment to Till Your Land

Nothing marks the beginning of the warm seasons quite like preparing your garden. Fresh tomatoes, peppers  and flowers can take your yard from boring to bountiful not to mention nothing tastes quite as delicious as something you grew (please don’t eat the flowers). Tilling your soil is the first step down the road to homegrown deliciousness. There are several reasons why this step shouldn’t be skipped, including controlling weeds, clearing those pesky insects, and getting rid of plant residue from the previous crop to name a few. Since not all plots are created the same different size tillers can be rented depending on the job ahead.

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Don’t Forget to Create Boundaries

A beautiful lawn and garden is an excellent way to kick off spring but if you want to go from having an envious neighbor to having your entire neighborhood asking your secrets you need to take it on step further. In comes our bed bug landscape edger, don’t be fooled by the name this piece of rental equipment has nothing to do with eradicating those pesky bed bugs. Rather, these machines can help add decorative elements to your landscaping. In specific you can use these to line a driveway or walkway with bricks or rocks. Creating visual separations in your lawn not only adds structure but also is visually appealing and will certainly attract the eyes of any passerby. As a small side note these are perfect for laying invisible dog fences, so  if you have a pooch that loves to run after every squirrel and mailman that passes by you’ll want to pick one of these up as well.

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Contact Us for More Rental Equipment

Spring is right around the corner, are you prepared? We here at Aide Rentals strive to find the best options for our clients and are extremely grateful for repeat business. For more information on anything above call 708-756-4020 for our Chicago location or 219-838-4300 for our Indiana location. To find specific pieces of rental equipment or to find more information about renting visit our website.

by: Terry Trusgnich