Rental Equipment for Spring Cleaning

What Rental Equipment Will Make Spring Cleaning Easier?

If you are like us winter is hibernation season. Burrowing away and waiting out the cold is an excellent strategy forrental equipment escaping the polar vortex, however, it does have some consequences. Clutter tends to build up during the winter months, either from less frequent trips to the trash bin or excessive holiday pile up it happens. When the weather begins to warm this clutter becomes more obvious and harder to ignore. Time for some spring cleaning! A deep and thorough cleaning is the best way to get rid of the last bits of winter and welcome the warm embrace of spring. There are several pieces of rental equipment that can help you efficiently achieve the level of cleanliness befitting a spring cleaning.

Vacuuming Winter Away

First, you’ll want to start with getting rid of any cobwebs, small debris or lint from those wonderfully terrible holidayrental equipment sweaters. A heavy duty shop vac is perfect for this specific task and is the first piece of rental equipment you’ll need. These can handle both wet and dry messes and are a perfect way to clear every bit of winter clutter. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you aren’t the only creature that goes indoors to escape the bitter cold of winter so make sure to get every nook and cranny for those pesky spider webs! You may say, well I already have my trusty closet vacuum and for your average every day mess that may be good enough, however, we’re talking months of hibernating here so you’ll want to bring out the big guns.

Rental Equipment for Cleaning Those Dirty Floors

OK, admit it, after shoveling the driveway you tracked some snow in didn’t you? We won’t judge but tracking through the house with your boots on has caused your tile floors to lose their shine didn’t it? Maybe you are arental equipment carpet kind of person in which case you’ll want to pay extra attention to this part. There are actually three separate pieces of rental equipment you’ll need here depending on the type of floors you have. For starters your kitchen or bathroom floors will need a floor machine, it will polish them up nice and new and give them the shine that they lost somewhere in the heart of winter. Don’t stop with simply cleaning the tops of the tiles, if you want to go that extra step in your spring cleaning efforts pick up a commercial steam cleaner to get those typically hard to clean grout lines between ceramic tiles. The third piece of rental equipment for cleaning those dirty floors is for carpets. A carpet cleaner can get a depth of cleanliness that no vacuum could achieve. If your carpets are dirty enough (again no judging) make sure you use the carpet cleaner to clean a cool design or two into the carpet.

Spray Winter Away

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to your interior, winter weather can take its toll on your exterior and walkways as well. As you may have seen coming you are in luck as there is a piece of rental equipment that works perfectlyrental equipment in these situations. A power washer can help yo blast that winter muck away and get your exterior looking as clean and presentable as your interior. We do have to warn that giving your house a bath will make you the envy of the block and may bring neighbors around asking to borrow your power washer. It’s OK to say no. If you have a garage you’ll likely want to make a pass by the concrete floors with the washer as well as its more than likely the winter muck wasn’t limited to only the exterior.

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by: Terry Trusgnich