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Nov 07

How To Landscape Your Home In The Fall

For homeowners who keep a garden, with the change of seasons comes a task list. There are basic tasks for gardeners — for example, raking the leaves, sharpening your tools. And, there are advanced tasks, too, which includes identifying and removing plants and trees which may be dead, and covering compost to prevent rain storms …

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Oct 09

Simple Tips On How To Effectively Maintain Your Home


After buying property, it is always prudent to make sure you can effectively maintain the property to get the best value out of it. Many people simply assume that the care of a home starts and ends at general cleaning and changing a few light bulbs. This is not true and every home owner should …

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Sep 26

Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Winter With fall underway, we will receive less sunlight, colder temperatures, and shorter days ahead, so it’s an opportune time to cross those fall & winter  maintenance items off your homeowner to-do list.

Practicing preventive care – both inside and outside your home – can save thousands …

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Aug 31

The Three R’s To Fixing Up A Historic Home


If you enjoy both history and fixing things, then you may have trouble driving by historic homes for sale without feeling the urge to buy and fix one up.

Before you do, however, you should know the three R’s of fixing historic homes — Restoration, Renovation, and Repair.

Restoration “Restoration” is the process of returning …

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Aug 15

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your Home

The gutter system is very important as in its absence, water starts running off your roof in curtains and gutters collect debris like twigs, dirt and leaves. Water gets blocked if there is too much of accumulated debris in the gutter system and this water eventually moves into the cracks and crevices in your foundation …

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Jul 24

How To Deal With A Flooded Basement

If your home has a basement, you may have to clean a flooded basement at least once. Shut down the electrical power, gas, and water to the basement before entering the area. Check for broken pipes or fittings after the water goes down. Call an experienced plumber who knows what do if you are not …

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Jul 10

Lawn Care Tips: How To Lay Sod

If you’re laying a brand new lawn, or repairing damage on a section of lawn that is impossible to regrow, laying sod is the easiest and fastest way to get your yard looking perfect again. Sod is readily available, comes with different varieties of grass, and is easy to install and maintain. To get …

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Jun 12

To Rod or Not To Rod? That Is The Question!

Rental Plumbing Equipment

We’ve talked in the past about the benefits of renting vs owning construction equipment, everything from saving money to being able to keep up to date with the equipment; The same general benefits apply to renting plumbing equipment. A vast majority of the population do not own the equipment needed to solve …

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May 22

Rental Equipment For Spring Cleaning

What Rental Equipment Will Make Spring Cleaning Easier?

If you are like us winter is hibernation season. Burrowing away and waiting out the cold is an excellent strategy for escaping the polar vortex, however, it does have some consequences. Clutter tends to build up during the winter months, either from less frequent trips to the trash …

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May 15

Renting vs Owning Construction Equipment

Renting vs Owning Construction Equipment

Building, maintaining and enhancing an inventory of work related equipment is costly, risky and often times frustrating. Few can tell you this better than those owning and operating construction companies. The quality and diversity of your inventory determines not only the type of work you can do but also the …

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